Kickstarter Project Announced!

kickstarted! At some point in their life, everyone has read a review of something that made them think such absurd thoughts as "what does that person know anyways..." The truth is, these individuals are usually selected to pass their judgment because they have a great deal of knowledge on the subject.

What would happen if we used that temerity for good? What if these harsh criticisms were lobbied against the work in progress? Hopefully, we'll find out!

If funded, I will reach out to some of my favourite critics and extend the invitation to them to aide in the making of the next album. I want to have their critical input at every stage of the process and find out if their criticisms do indeed make for a better record in the end.

Go check it out for yourself at and support this interesting challenge! Thanks!

Also, you can check out our pitch video on our Videos Page!

Free music, as promised!

new ep's released! Well, as promised, we managed to cough up THREE FREE EP's for your holiday consumption! Here's the rundown:

  • "Burrow" is a 6-song EP consisting of b-sides and demos. Included is a demo version of "Fall Semester" and one of our personal favourites "Inchworm, Your Artithmetic Sucks."
  • "Polaroid" is a live EP consisting of 7 songs, all recorded in 2005. Every wonder what "Everyone Relies on a Friend" sounds like with a female lead? Now you'll know!
  • "Gaeaf" is a 4-song EP of newly recorded music, which could loosely be described as ambient. 'Gaeaf' is the Welsh word for "winter," which nicely suits the theme and tone of these beautiful songs.
  • Of course, the record is available in virtually any format you want from either our merch page or at Bandcamp!

    Thanks for your support- enjoy these songs on us as we prepare the next studio record!

    Three Free EP's Coming in November!

    new ep's!Ladies and Gentlemen- The Aeronautical Legends are proud to announce the release of THREE FREE EP's this coming November! Earlier this year saw the release of "The Pathologist," a gratis offering recorded for the RPM Challenege, and now we'll finish off the year with more free music! No release date or tracklistings yet, but the rundown will be as follows:

  • One EP of live tracks, taken from one show and performed solo with an acoustic guitar.
  • One EP of B-sides and alternate mixes.
  • One EP of newly recorded ambient music.
  • Each one will feature it's own unique artwork and will be available as both high quality MP3 and/or FLAC format. Including "The Pathologist" (released for free in March), these EP's will bring the total number of free releases offered up by The Aeronautical Legends to four. FOUR FREE RELEASES in one year!

    Obvisouly we're excited to be in a position where we can just give these recordings away, and we hope that you are too! Thanks for your support! Follow us on Twitter @talegends to be the first to hear when the new recordings are available!

    TAL featured in "Put It In Your Ears"!
    Also - new TAL podcast available!!

    put it in your ear podcast Seems the friendly folks over at "Put It In Your Ears" caught a glimpse of our website and found something funny! We're happy they stopped by, and think you all should give them a listen.

    Here's a link to the podcast we're featured in, titled "Oh, the huge manatee!" clicky clicky. Thanks for stopping by folks!

    We found you this gift in return for your troubles!

    In other news, we just posted a new Podcast of our own! Check it out in the audio section!

    New record available FREE now!


    So, we just finished our new record. No, not the one I was working on. All new material, all new recordings, all for the RPM Challenge. Given my high standards for fidelity and interesting production (read: impossible perfectionist) this proved to be a bigger challenge than I thought- but we did it!

    It's a concept record, and there's a lot of space on it. Consider yourself warned! The new bio will probably/maybe have more info about it, and I'll do a couple podcasts about it too. Other than that, I'm going to let the new Decemberists record inspire me a little before I get cracking on what is now going to be the fourth record. We'll chat soon!


    That's the news, folks! New album, completely FREE to download! We have the 256kbps version here, but if you want a FLAC version please e-mail us and Josh will set you up. Thanks for listening!

    Click here to download the album!